Value-Based Sales Presentation Tool

LeveragePoint helps B2B sales teams win deals by communicating their value through interactive, digital value propositions. By replacing static spreadsheets and slide decks with dynamic value presentations, our customers have seen 5-15% higher close rates at 5-25% higher prices.

With LeveragePoint, sales teams can:

  • Win More Deals: Engage customers with flexible, digital case studies that quantify the value you deliver with powerful branded visualizations.
  • Generate Prospect & Customer Buy-In: Tailor the content to the customer's own specific challenges and numbers, before the call and in real-time.
  • Reduce Sales Cycles: Create a continuous dialogue about your unique value from the very beginning of the sales process.

"Our internal sales and solutions experts have consistently given LeveragePoint high praise with a net promoter score of over 90% positive, and this energy has helped us increase our average win rate by 10% across hundreds of solutions and thousands of opportunities.  We also saw the revenue per opportunity increase by an average of 2%, or about 15% increased profitability.  Depending on the type of solution and the process used by the business unit, we saw sales cycle time reduced by 50-75% as our clients could make decisions faster when they had all of the data than when they had to make their own business cases.  

- Rick Cantril, Director of Value-Based Strategies, Fiserv

Want to see LeveragePoint in action? Check out the video below