The Fintech industry is transforming the way the world economy does business. From payments and international money transfers to retail lending, insurance, and business services, even the most historically-staid aspects of the financial services sector are undergoing a rapid transformation. The Fintech companies driving this shift, enabled by new innovations like Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and big data, are reducing the friction for businesses and individuals exchanging money, goods, and services, helping them focus on building wealth and generating growth.

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Creating a Value Story

To achieve growth, leading Fintech companies must be able to both differentiate against the competition as well as the status quo they hope to disrupt. The proven way to do this is to create a value story that conveys the quantified economic benefit of selecting your innovation. Our experience with leading Fintech companies means we can help you build a story that shows prospects and customers the bottom line impact of your Fintech solution in a dynamic, interactive presentation, helping your sales teams win more deals, more quickly, and at higher prices.


Today’s B2B businesses face unprecedented operational risks in the digital realm, such as identity theft and fraudulent activity resulting in chargebacks and write-offs. Compliance with laws and regulations written to protect these businesses and their customers add to these major bottom line costs. Fintech companies that mitigate these risks and time costs provide significant value to enterprises in every industry.


Disruptive fintech innovations are cutting through the red tape and paperwork through technology that supercharges the payroll and AP/AR, reduces the volume of paper-based invoices, and streamlines loan origination and approvals. By enabling faster, cheaper processes, Fintech companies can save their customers time and money.


Fintech companies utilize artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and big data analytics to create innovative new products that help customers make smarter investments, reduce transaction costs, access new markets, and grow wealth. Generate adoption of your disruptive new technology by focusing sales conversations on the financial value delivered by using your cutting edge technology.

FISERV Case study

Fiserv is a global leader in financial services technology, with over 40,000 employees located worldwide. For years, delivering quantified financial results for their clients has been a top priority throughout their organization. This focus has led them to implement a highly successful Value Selling framework, using LeveragePoint as their chosen platform for value collaboration across teams and functions.

In this case study, learn how Rick Cantril, Director of Value-Based Strategies at Fiserv, mobilized Value Selling within his team and beyond, scaling it to over 1,500 users organization-wide. To date, this successful Value Selling initiative has driven more than $1.5 billion in revenue in over 1,300 relationship opportunities.


"Our internal sales and solutions experts have consistently given LeveragePoint high praise with a net promoter score of over 90% positive, and this energy has helped us increase our average win rate by 10% across hundreds of solutions and thousands of opportunities. We also saw the revenue per opportunity increase by an average of 2%, or about 15% increased profitability. Depending on the type of solution and the process used by the business unit, we saw sales cycle time reduced by 50-75%."

Rick Cantril

Director of Business Transformation at Fiserv


Learn how LeveragePoint can improve your sales outcomes! This 2-minute video shows how LeveragePoint’s interactive value stories can grow the number of qualified opportunities, increase win rates, and grow average deal size by translating your differentiated benefits to the unique financial outcomes your solution delivers to the buyer.

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