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Release Notes: September 2021

New for this release:We have reintroduced a drop-down menu of filter options on the Value Models home page, just beside the new advanced search bar, ensuring that users can have

LeveragePoint Launches Value Realization Series

The LeveragePoint platform is built to enable collaboration, both within your organization and with your customers. The goal of this series is to review functionality available to LeveragePoint ...

Borealis Achieves Impressive Results Through Customer Value Management With LeveragePoint

Borealis is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions and a European market leader in base chemicals, fertilizers, and the mechanical recycling of ...

Outcome-Based Pricing: Managing Risk through Customer Value

Tuesday, September 28th at 11 AM ET Leading B2B companies have generated sustained success through a longstanding focus on customer value delivered. An increasing number of these organizations ...

Release Notes: August 2021

New for this release:Advanced Search for Value Maps: a robust advanced search menu has been added to the Market Analyses tab of the Marketing Home page, and sits alongside and works with ...

Outcome-Centric Value Stories for B2B Sales: Making a Compelling Case for Change

WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING BELOW For most B2B organizations, the most dangerous competition often comes from the status quo, rather than a longstanding rival or a disruptive upstart. Especially

Release Notes: July 2021

New for this release:The integration with LeveragePoint Value Propositions has been updated with major improvements to the end user experience, as well as the ability to ...

B2B Value Conversations: A Roadmap for Accelerating Your Sales Velocity

VIEW THE WEBINAR RECORDING BELOW Value Selling is the proven way for B2B companies to improve win rates, grow average deal size, increase the number of qualified opportunities, and reduce sales ...

Release Notes: June 2021

New for this release:  Display Locale: Marketing users can now select a Display Locale to set the numerical data formatting for any Value Model. (This selection will also apply to the

Understand and Sell Your Value: Keys to a Successful Value Management Program

VIEW THE WEBINAR RECORDING BELOW Do you create value and want to get paid for it? Leading B2B companies sustain profitability by focusing on customer value delivered. These organizations invest ...


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