Customer Success Tip: February 2017

Collaboration with Email Notifications LeveragePoint strives to give our users the best collaborative environment to build their value models and unique Value Propositions. As of our latest release, users can have the ability to send out and receive email notifications…

Tool Release Notes: January 2017

January 2017 New for this release: Email notification when sharing. Users will now receive an email notification whenever a value model or unique Value Proposition is shared with them. New capabilities for Value Propositions Views. Publishers can now re-order pages…

Using Value Tools to Support Value-based Selling

What’s in this webinar? Once you have dollarized customer value and prepared your first Value Propositions, the next question becomes: what do you do with them? Value-based marketing programs are created to support value-based selling. In fact marketing is the R&D…

Value Story Telling is Key to New Product Launch Success

What’s in this webinar? Product managers: the success of your new product launch depends on the quality of your value story. Communication failure is a leading cause for why new products miss their revenue target. What can you do to…

Customer Success Tip: January 2017

Storytelling with Customized PowerPoints As a sales rep, you know the importance of keeping your customer conversations fresh, interesting, and engaging. Getting a prospect into a meeting is one thing, but keeping them engaged throughout the sales cycle is another….

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