Value Propositions that Address Sales Uncertainties: Equip Sales Teams with Content Options for Customer Conversations

Do you remember your first adrenaline rush? There is a good chance that it came from fear, anxiety or stress: states of mind that happen to all of us. Some people enjoy the adrenaline and deliberately or impulsively make choices…

How Top B2B Marketing Teams Get High Grades from Sales Teams Every Day!

The majority of B2B marketing organizations are measured on achieving the company’s revenue targets assigned to sales. However, a significant gap still exists between sales presentation content produced by marketing and the content expected by sales. Sirius Decisions reports that…

Three Ways Product Managers Miss with the Sales Team

    I’d like to share a few examples of how well-intentioned product managers get it wrong with sales people. All are based on real interactions we’ve had working with product, marketing and sales teams at large B2B enterprises (identities hidden…

[Infographic] What Can LeveragePoint Value Propositions Do for You?

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Why Millennials Outsell Traditional Sales Reps: 3 Key Facets of the Digital-age Selling Strategy

There’s nothing that grinds a millennial’s gears more than wasting time. Which explains why we turn our nose up at the traditional sales approach. Cold calling, long presentations, and frequent rejection? Yeah, we’re all set. It’s tempting for managers from…

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