A Millennial’s Spin: How a 24-Year-Old Answers the Tough Questions about Value Selling

Taylor here, with a little Thanksgiving treat for you Americans, and just a plain ‘ole treat for the rest. As most of you know, selling your product or solution is one thing, but getting people to use it is another….


How to Test a Value Proposition: 4 Steps to Maximize Sales Team Usability of Value Content

Value selling delivers results.  CRM data from B2B organizations that have adopted value selling demonstrate that opportunities where a Value Proposition is used result in: (1) 5-15% higher win rates and (2) 5-25% higher price outcomes. But the content and…


Useful Value Propositions for Sales Teams: Designing Relevant Value Drivers to Differentiate in Customer Conversations

“What do you do for your customers?”  B2B sales teams should be able to answer that question the same way that our CEO or our VP of Sales would answer it.  “We deliver value,” with 2 or 3 clear ways…


Value Propositions for B2B Sales Teams — The Best Visuals & The Best Numbers: Economic Value, TCO, ROI & Breakeven

There are some pretty good B2B value spreadsheets out there.  Clear inputs and assumptions.  Well documented supporting notes and sources.  Nice scenario analyses. There are some pretty smart creators of these spreadsheets, including product managers and other presales professionals.  The…

Cropped shot of a group of colleagues joining their hands in unity

3 Ways Value Selling Energizes B2B Inside Sales and SDR Teams

  I believe there are no sales positions more difficult than B2B Inside Sales reps and Sales Development reps (SDRs) targeting new accounts. Every day these sales professionals answer the question, “What does your company do?” more than any other…

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