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The Value Coach’s Playbook – Part 1: Quantify Value

Value Management and Value Selling are proven strategies to improve B2B commercial performance and profitability. Sustainable Value Management seldom happens by accident. Top-performing B2B businesses implement programs and disciplines to embed these efforts. Value management starts with good quantification. Great coaches make the difference in building team capabilities in Value management.

In this white paper, we share value coaching best practices to get the best performance out of “midfielders” in setting product strategy, understanding segments, structuring offerings, setting value based prices, and enabling value sellers to win more deals.

Monthly Webinar

Mobilize Value Selling: How To Increase Your Sales Velocity

Value Selling enables B2B companies to increase pipeline, grow average deal size, improve win rates, and reduce sales cycles.  Successful value selling programs are made possible by mobilizers – individuals driving adoption and best practices from within. Effective mobilizers become change agents, enlisting champions and supporting their colleagues as they continuously improve commercial performance.

How can individuals mobilize their cross-functional teams to achieve Value Selling success? In this webinar, Rick Cantril, Director of Value-Based Strategies at Fiserv, shares his experience initiating, dialing up, and maintaining Value Selling at scale.

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Customer Success Practiced Right: Customer Value – The Focal Point for Existing Relationships

During uncertain times, B2B businesses increasingly focus energy and resources on existing accounts.  By relieving the stress on the customer, they are able to relieve stress on their own organizations. Despite this, Customer Success professionals have been heavily impacted by Covid-related layoffs.

What is going wrong in Customer Success? In this blog, Peyton Marshall explores the ways that B2B businesses can drive proactive customer interactions with existing accounts by quantifying, demonstrating, and selling the financial value they deliver.

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