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Value Propositions for Your Customer Audience: ABM, ABS, and Pricing Segmentation

B2B marketers need ABS to succeed with ABM. B2B sales teams need content and tools that engage customers in conversations about what your solution will deliver for them. Pricing professionals need better customer insights to design and execute more profitable segmented pricing. The best commercial teams focus their organizational energy on their Value Propositions, shining the spotlight on the audience that matters to all of them – the Customer.

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The Art of Designing and Testing EVE® Models

Economic Value Estimation® models require both customer and competitive data along with a heavy dose of analytical skill. With practice, the mathematical side of designing high-quality EVE® models can become systematic. What is often less obvious is the soft and intuitive side of crafting value stories, testing EVE® with customers, and building team alignment.  The art of EVE® design cannot be taught in standard training sessions. It requires soft skills and social intelligence.

In this webinar, Stephan Liozu will discuss this difficult-to-acquire aspect of designing and testing EVE ®.

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The Value Coach’s Playbook: 1.1. Midfielders: Prepare to Quantify Value - Frame the Discussion

Coaches make the difference between pickup soccer and championship football. In business, great value coaches help their teams achieve commercial excellence.

In the first part of this blog series, we focus on how product marketers and marketers act as midfielders for their business teams, focusing on best practices to quantify value and assisting their sales teams in achieving commercial excellence.

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