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Can Your Sales Team Sell Your Solution's Value? Can You?

Understanding quantitative and financial value from a customer’s perspective improves the clarity and specificity of qualitative value messages, and improves the quality of commercial strategy and decisions. Quantified value helps to consider and set prices that capture a meaningful share of the customer value your product creates. A quantitative and financial business case, as part of the B2B buying process, is the rule, not the exception. Sales teams who are not ready to have quantitative or financial conversations with buyers doing the math are unprepared.

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Transforming Case Studies Into Digital Value Propositions

Results from B2B organizations adopting value selling demonstrate that using Value Propositions during the sales process achieves 5-15% higher win rates, and 5-25% higher price outcomes. Proving undoubtedly, Value Propositions are powerful sales tools, and value selling delivers results. For that reason, sales tools should be designed to support effective conversations by customer-facing teams. The easiest way to get started is to transform the high-quality, static content that B2B companies are already developing for their salespeople into a digital and interactive tool.

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Why Millennials Outsell Traditional Sales Reps: 3 Key Facets of the Digital-age Selling Strategy

There’s nothing that grinds a millennial’s gears more than wasting time. Which explains why we turn our nose up at the traditional sales approach. Cold calling, long presentations, and frequent rejection? Yeah, we’re all set. It’s tempting for managers from previous generations to blame millennials for not having what it takes to hack it in B2B sales, but according to the experts, that thought track is all wrong. In fact, millennials’ aversion to the typical B2B selling strategy is a primary factor in their outperformance.

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