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How to Put a Value Tag on Your Product

Economic theory says that customers are willing to pay more for products that deliver them higher value. If every product in the world had a value tag, then selling products would be much simpler than it is today. But few, if any, do and that’s because most sellers think that calculating value it too difficult. Actually, calculating the economic value of your offering is easier than you think.

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Tackling the 7 Challenges and Unleashing the Power of B2B Value

The real focus of B2B organizations isn’t just on value, it’s on Customer Value. Value is defined by our customers, not by us. Understanding, creating and delivering Customer Value is a team game. Does everyone in the organization really know their role in understanding, creating and delivering Customer Value?

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Adapt or Fail; Millennials Are Here

We’ve all heard it before, sounding oddly familiar to the midnight ride of Paul Revere: “The Millennials are coming! The Millennials are coming!” It was true; we were coming. But now, we’re here. (How’s that for an intro?)

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