LeveragePoint works with the some of the largest international enterprises and some of the best sales and marketing teams.  By collaboratively supporting our customers and their world-class consultants, we have access to a wealth of hands-on experience in making Value Propositions and value strategies work in practice.  At LeveragePoint we build on that base of best practices, embed it in our software and share it with our customers.


The best B2B enterprises have learned how to deploy value strategies throughout their organization from development to product launch, from product management and marketing to sales and presales execution.  The best organizations make customer value part of their internal discussions and their customer discussions from the top down.

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Sales Vice Presidents are driving great organizations to grow revenues profitably with Value Propositions.  Early impressions matter. Reps need the skills and the tools to win the first meeting.  The result is increased qualified opportunities in the sales pipeline.  Reps are able to connect with customer executives early in the sales process and to differentiate their products.

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Selling complex B2B solution takes sales teamwork. Presales specialists increasingly add technical expertise and product use experience to the sales conversation as they help customize solutions to customer specifics.  Shared Value Propositions between sales and presales are a great tool for sales teams to collaborate and to win.

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 Product Management and Marketing

The value a product creates for customers can become a focal point for product managers and marketers as they make decisions on product pricing, positioning and offering strategies.  A great Value Proposition becomes a central way to communicate critical messages to sales and to customers.

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Value-based pricing has been shown to increase profitability, improving on the results of cost-based pricing and competitor based pricing.  By focusing on customer value, pricing professionals collaborate with sales teams, providing them with a better basis to highlight differentiation and improve pricing outcomes.

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Product Launch

Innovative products are the key to B2B growth and profitability.  Yet the vast majority of new product launches fail.  Quantifying value early in development helps development teams understand customers and design better products.  Having a great Value Proposition at launch generates sales momentum and accelerates revenues.

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Ready to Dive In?


If you’d like to talk more about LeveragePoint’s Value Proposition tool, we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We will listen to your needs, and help you understand if the tool is right for you.


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