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Specialty chemical companies face increased worldwide competition and margin pressures susceptible to swings in raw material costs. Product innovation remains a key differentiator targeting emerging high growth markets and extending the life cycle of existing products in current markets. Price increases and cost reduction have been implemented to improve margins.

Leading specialty chemical companies have adopted a value-based approach in order to deliver higher revenue and profit growth. Watch the video to see a specialty chemical-focused value story for sales in action.

Deliver Higher Revenue And Profit Growth

Successful specialty chemical companies provide Value Propositions that are used by their distribution channels to communicate the financial value of their solutions to customers. Value propositions from LeveragePoint are developed for presenting the value during the new product launch stage, and for existing product offerings to win competitive opportunities at new accounts and growing the revenue in existing accounts. Sales & marketing teams collaborate to create value propositions that help sales reps deliver a consistent set of messages, business drivers and collateral based on the customer profile.

Capture Maximum Revenue From
New Product Offerings

Effective Value Propositions articulate the reasons why customers do business with your company compared to competition or the status quo. Two critical objectives with new product launches are to capture early stage wins from targeted companies and create qualified sales opportunities that expand the sales pipeline for future revenue. Sales teams are most effective at capturing initial new product revenue when they can present the quantified value of your solutions at product launch.

Drive More Profitable Revenue With
Value-Based Pricing

Leading specialty chemical companies compete on value and not just a price based on competitors pricing or a cost plus approach. Sales reps present the economic customer value of your solution that clearly demonstrates bottom-line results (increased sales, reduced costs, decreased time to market etc.) your typical customers derive. Customers buying based on the value they receive from your offering will agree to lower discounts.

Cloud-Based Value Propositions Keep
Customer-Facing Teams Updated

In today’s economic environment, the special chemicals competitive landscape changes rapidly regarding product offerings, pricing, competitive strategies, “wins and losses” knowledge etc. so it’s critically important your field teams have the most up to date and accurate information for customer meetings. Value propositions are securely stored in a central repository so any changes to data, business assumptions, competitive news and more can be updated one-time for all reps in a matter of minutes. Remote sales, pre sales and marketing members collaborate in real-time using cloud based value propositions for sales opportunities in the sales process, especially during the closing stage.


LeveragePoint is a cloud solution that aligns product, pricing, marketing, sales enablement and sales teams around creating, communicating, and capturing value. Our tool allows these teams to collaborate internally around building a value-based strategy that can be transformed into dynamic value propositions that sales can use to clearly communicate the value of your offering from the very first sales call.

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