Tom Nagle Discusses iPad vs. Kindle on the HBR Blog

LeveragePoint advisor Tom Nagle recently put up a post on the Harvard Business Review’s blog. “A clash of the titans will erupt on Saturday when Apple releases its iPad: it will be Amazon, with most e-books costing $9.99, versus Apple,…

March 9th Tom Nagle Webinar for Professional Pricing Society

On March 9th, I’ll have the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with Dr. Tom Nagle for the Professional Pricing Society.  The title is “Getting Your Organization Aligned Around Value.” Tom will discuss the importance of embedding a value capability and…

Targeted Product Development & Value Modeling

Value Management is usually used in downstream business activities. Value models help companies to communicate their differentiated value, negotiate prices with customers and to find and target the customers who can get the greatest value from an offering. But there…

Economic Value Estimation and Return On Investment

How do models of economic value such as Economic Value Estimation (EVE) compare with financial measures such as return on investment (ROI)? Some people think of them as being interchangeable, three letter acronyms that are some kind of economic or…

Finding the Customer’s Value in Mold Reduction!

Recently I was reminded yet again that value is both a simple yet subtle concept.  We were reviewing a value model created by one of our client’s marketers for a new construction product that is sold to residential building contractors….

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