Paddling Up the Value Waterfall

The pricing waterfall is a classic and widely used framework for understanding and managing transaction pricing. It illustrates the drop (like a waterfall) between an official list price and the final “pocket” price that the seller sees. Usually it’s not…

Eastman Uses Economic Value Estimation™ to Understand the Value of New Polymer for its Customers

Eastman Chemical Company chose “The results of insight™” as a tagline to summarize and capture their focus on marrying innovation and solutions that work. They are referring to their deep insight into chemical and industrial processes, and into the many…

“Pricing Leadership: Navigating through Tumultuous Times” by John Hogan

John Hogan, management consultant, author, and LeveragePoint advisor, recently delivered a keynote at the Professional Pricing Society’s annual conference in Orlando in October. The talk on “Pricing Leadership: Navigating through Tumultuous Times” is available on SlideShare, where you can also…

Frame Value from the Customer’s Perspective

Your Price Metric Should Reflect How Your Customer Uses Your Solution To Create Value One key to a successful pricing strategy is to use an appropriate frame of reference, one that resonates with your customer’s point of view. In other…

Freemium – How to Price Your Product for Free

Can you believe that there is a wrong way to price a free product?  That premise sounds a bit counter-intuitive.  Giving it away should be the easiest pricing strategy to implement.  Actually, it isn’t. Recently, a group of executives shared…

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