A Tough Year For Software: Thoughts on Driving Growth and Margin

A Guest Post by Tom Lucke It’s been a tough year for the software industry.  Enterprise IT budgets have been slashed, corporate layoffs have reduced the need for incremental seat licenses, and consumer PC sales are off. Even the supposedly…

Managing Value Across Distribution Channels

Many B2B products are sold through distribution chains. Rather than buying directly from the original manufacturer, the end user buys from a value-added reseller (VAR), who sources the product through a distributor, who is partnered with the manufacturer. In some…

Value is Dynamic (And Depends on Your Customer’s Business Situation)

Your customer’s success matters. It determines the value they place on your own products and services. Changes in economic conditions can have a big impact on how your customer sees the value of your offering.   As described in an…

Value Footprints and the Eye of the Beholder

Value communication involves telling an economic WIFM (what’s-in-it-for-me) story to a customer about your product. To be more precise, telling multiple versions of that WIFM depending on the specific stakeholder, because economic value, like beauty, is truly in the eye…

Using Economic Value Estimation (EVE) to Execute a Value-Based Strategy

In an earlier post we identified a number of challenges that managers face when executing a value-based strategy.  Tom Nagle and I discussed these during our recent webinar for the Professional Pricing Society.  Tom, of course, is well known as…

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