Understanding Value is the Root of Innovation – A Theme for the Mass TLC Innovation 2010 unConference

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The Mass TLC Innovation 2010 unConference will be this Thursday, October 14, 2010. This event is one of the high-points of the year in the Boston area. It brings together the top visionaries, commentators, entrepreneurs and their supporting groups for a day of rapidly evolving conversations. If you are in the Boston area and can get a ticket try to go.

Last year, our VP Product Ed Arnold proposed a session “Do You Have a Pricing Problem?” This was a popular session, so popular in fact that it was held twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We even wrote a blog post on this back in October 2009: Frame Value From Your Customer’s Perspective.

This year we will be proposing another session. Our current thinking is to ask  “How to tell if your offer is really providing value?”. This is is a critical question for any innovation. There are a lot of good ideas around, and little time, so one only wants to pursue the ones that provide not just value but differentiated value. We look forward to seeing you at the unConference, look us up!

The Twitter hashtag for the event is said to be #MassTLC.

More on the unConference:

Four generations of entrepreneurs will gather on October 14, 2010 with the focus on early stage entrepreneurship and driving innovation. Unlike the planned sessions and passive audiences of typical conferences, MassTLC’s Innovation 2010 is an unConference where the agenda is formed organically by all attendees the day of the event. No podiums. No stages. Just small interactive sessions taking a deep dive into issues that drive innovation and the success of your company. A professional facilitator helps make it happen. A pre-party will be held the evening of Wednesday, October 13th at Microsoft NERD in Cambridge.

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