March, 2014 Tool Tip: Value Model Sharing

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In this month’s tool tip, LeveragePoint Director of Customer Service Aaron Miller provides insights on the software’s ability to quickly share information.  You can learn more about sharing Value Models with colleagues by watching the brief two minute video below or reading the Q&A piece. Note to best view the video, please maximize the player screen.
How do I share my Value Model with colleagues?
It is often the case that you and your colleagues can’t look at the same screen at the same time, but that doesn’t mean that you’re all on your own.
From the Value Model Find Page, click the Actions button drop-down menu, and select the Share option.
As an Owner, you may grant access to additional users or groups. Type the name of each user or group into the text field, select the appropriate access level, and click the Add button below. To see a list of available groups, simply type the word group.
When you grant a colleague View access, they will only be able to open the model in read-only mode, allowing them to make temporary changes, but not to Save over your version.
If they would like to make modifications without affecting your original model, they can make a copy of your model. Using the Copy option from the Actions button drop-down menu, they will create a new version of the model, where they are the Owner.
If you are not the Owner of a model, and an owner is not available to grant you access, please contact your program manager.
If you have any follow-up questions on this topic or you have a suggestion for a future Q&A topic, please submit them via email to

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