September 2014 Tool Tip: Creating Complex Value Driver Formulas

August 28, 2014

Posted by Aaron Miller

Posted in User Content


How do I create complex value driver formulas?


One of the great advantages of using LeveragePoint for your value modeling (vs. spreadsheets, for example) is the user-friendly handling of complex formulas. The key is to make smart use of the sub-formula capability.

Sub-formulas can be created in two basic ways:
1) Convert an existing variable to a sub-formula;
2) Merge two or more existing value drivers

Sub-formulas can then be reused across multiple value drivers. To do so add the sub-formula as you would add any existing variable with the type-ahead search.

To then modify a sub-formula in one place only, use the Make Unique option, found in the Variable options menu (otherwise, the sub-formula will be updated in every place where it is used). Then, use the Make Unique option for each variable within the sub-formula which should differ from the original.

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