Connecting Strategy with Behaviors and Results Using the Cloud

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Team Working TogetherThere is a new way of activating business methods using cloud-based platforms that combine online tools, collaboration, and data with coaching and e-learning in fully integrated interfaces. These solutions create impactful ways to activate corporate strategy because they create measurable business results in real time. Instead of testing what has been retained from training and then hoping that some of it rubs off in practice, the results can be measured immediately in behaviors and in business results.

An integrated tool that combines learning and doing in the cloud is also an extremely practical way to rapidly drive best practice to the people in the field, where day-to-day operating decisions are being made. By embedding learning within doing, needed knowledge is available at the point of application. This is where collaboration can be truly meaningful, by allowing those who have the best ideas and insights to contribute even when they may be unaware of the need. These cloud-based tools serve as the mediator of collaboration, providing the means for the person in the field, who is more aware of the choices they are making and of their anticipated outcomes, to share that knowledge with those who may have need for it within the organization. A “virtuous cycle” that leverages collective intelligence by embedding “carbon” (human collaboration) in the “silicon” (an online tool) can constantly increase and improve the quality of information and knowledge available to the organization. The result is real-time change management, evolving and improving methods, tools, and best practice through application, measurement, and feedback from the users in the field.

If you are looking for a solution to move your value-based development, pricing, and communication processes to the cloud, LeveragePoint offers a tool that enables B2B enterprises to move beyond what they know to what is known, transforming what they can do to what can be done. It creates a supportive “productivity zone” around each knowledge worker, an interface composed of tools, best practices, shared information from colleagues, and data, which is contextually linked to knowledge, methods, and process to drive consistently excellent performance. It puts the expertise of the entire enterprise at the fingertips of the user, and captures best practice and experience of the front-line people who apply the methods, driving the evolution of business methods and iterating those methods in real time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Leverages collective intelligence — by identifying, capturing, and transparently linking the knowledge that people carry in their heads with vetted sources of knowledge, and delivering it in the right context to the right people in the right amount at exactly the right time.
  2. Embeds carbon in the silicon — by combining human coaches, coworkers, experts, and advisors with personalized learning objects within the same platform at the time they are needed.
  3. Real-time change management — by opening a channel from the field that reveals how well strategy is being executed, and the effectiveness of business methods in achieving business goals. As a result, management can be rapidly improve or change those methods to adapt to unpredictable circumstances. The tool can be instantly updated with improved methods and best practice.

Bottom-line, with organizations getting leaner, and competition for customers getting tighter, employees across functions at B2B enterprises need to collaboratively work together using the latest tools that combine unique experiences and knowledge with accurate information. Moving to the cloud and using platforms that combine tools, collaboration, data and learning in a single interface will link strategy to behaviors and improve results.

About the Author:
Jonathon Levy is Co-founder of LeveragePoint. Previously, Jonathon served as Senior Learning Strategist at The Monitor Group for five years, and before that was Vice President for Online Learning for Harvard Business School’s Publishing corporation. Jonathon is a thought leader and “eWorking” expert, best known for innovative user-centric online solutions for activating and embedding methods at scale for the lagest companies and best universities in the world. He is responsible for developing a new generation of online products that integrate learning with doing, currently used by thousands of professionals from Fortune 50 companies.

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