Based in Medford, Massachusetts (8 min walk from Wellington T Station), LeveragePoint is a fast-paced SaaS startup helping B2B Enterprise Sales Teams close more deals with digital, dynamic Value Propositions. Our customers include leading worldwide enterprises in manufacturing, services, healthcare, high tech and specialty chemicals. The Customer Success Manager will be a key member of our team, focused on making our customers successful with building Value Propositions for both internal business and sales use cases.

Why We Want YOU

  • You are passionate about customer success and helping customers meet their business objectives.
  • You have the business acumen to understand and speak the language of customers’ commercial challenges.
  • You have an analytical/mathematical mindset for quantifying ROI-type analyses, balanced by an ability to simplify the analysis for clear communication.
  • You have the experience to help drive user adoption in a B2B cloud software application.
  • You have the empathy to understand and connect with customer senior leadership and individual contributors.
  • You’re comfortable training and coaching, with the ability to challenge customers’ thinking in a way that builds on their own knowledge and experience and empowers them to improve.

What You Will Accomplish

  • You will become an expert in customer value quantification, including best practices for selling and marketing differentiated B2B products and using the LeveragePoint application.
  • You will support, coach, train and solve problems for customers as they deploy LeveragePoint to improve their sales, marketing and product launch performance.
  • You will be immersed in the culture of an expansion stage startup, gaining exposure to all aspects of a rapidly growing SaaS software business.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • You will be a core member of our customer-facing team and a trusted customer advisor, working with customer sponsors, program managers and LeveragePoint users as they scale their value-based strategies in product marketing and sales organizations.
  • Collaborate with customers and with other members of the LeveragePoint team to design and build strong Value Propositions for prospective LeveragePoint customers pre-sale, during Proof of Concept programs and post-sale deployment.
  • Drive account retention and renewals by achieving and documenting customer success.
  • Drive upgrade revenue through customer success, increased user adoption and expanded usage.

Skill Set/Experience

  • Relationship and project management
  • Virtual coaching and/or support
  • Ability to translate customer objectives into clear action steps
  • Well-organized and great time management skills
  • Strong math skills and aptitude, with the ability to understand complex spreadsheets
  • A talent for getting customers to talk about their commercial problems with an ability to ask strategic business questions
  • Excitement and energy to work independently in a fast-paced team environment
  • 2-5 years experience interacting with business customers a plus
  • Experience in or exposure to enterprise SaaS a plus
  • Travel requirements limited
  • BA/BS required

To apply, please contact

Ready to Dive In?


If you’d like to talk more about LeveragePoint’s Value Proposition tool, we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We will listen to your needs, and help you understand if the tool is right for you.


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