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Wow the prospect at the first sales touchpoints through interactive value stories.

LeveragePoint helps B2B sales and marketing teams deliver engaging, industry-specific value presentations that clearly communicate your solution’s unique economic impact to the customer. By facilitating two-way value conversations, salespeople will be able to paint a clear vision of value from the very first sales call.

How It Works

Our interactive value stories, used in lieu of static slide decks and messy ROI spreadsheets, help prospects quickly understand the specific financial outcomes of your offering. Simply select the most relevant value proposition from our cloud library and add a few call prep assumptions. During the call, reps can dig into the details of each value driver, modify as needed, and conclude by sharing the final results in multiple formats, such as waterfall, ROI, and TCO, individually tailored for each prospect.

Win Deals by Selling Your Value Early

In competitive selling situations, the first salesperson that can articulate the financial value of their solution wins 74% of the time1. Despite this, 57% of B2B prospects2 and customers feel that their sales teams are not prepared for the first meeting. LeveragePoint value stories help your sales team quickly establish credibility with the prospect by helping reps convey the superior financial benefits of your solution against the alternative.

Faster Access to Key Decision-Makers

Get to decision-makers quickly by building a customer-specific value story that translates your value into clear, financial terms. By facilitating two-way value conversations that weave together your quantified value with the buyer’s actual data – all in an engaging, interactive format – sales calls will transform into collaborative exchanges, producing a CFO-ready business case to buy.

Reduce “No Decision” by Highlighting Differentiation

Up to 60%1 of deals in sales pipelines are lost to the status quo, rather than a competitor. Generate buyer urgency for your solution by sharing industry-specific value stories that highlight your differentiation and back it up with financial numbers specific to their business, supporting a narrative to motivate and propel change within their organization.


LeveragePoint is a cloud solution that aligns product, pricing, marketing, sales enablement and sales teams around creating, communicating, and capturing value. Our tool allows these teams to collaborate internally around building a value-based strategy that can be transformed into dynamic value propositions that sales can use to clearly communicate the value of your offering from the very first sales call.