Establish Credibility and Engage Customers

LeveragePoint Cloud-based B2B Digital Value Propositions fully prepare reps to deliver industry-specific presentations addressing key business challenges that resonate with executive buyers. Value Propositions show typical positive financial results achieved by successful customers using your solution graphically displaying ROI and TCO outcomes and creating a framework for collaborative discussions.

Establish Competitive Differentiation Early in the Sales Process

A majority of your competitors will be presenting traditional static 30-50 PowerPoint slides speaking about their company and products during an executive meeting. Empowering your reps to articulate customer value early in the sales process by combining business insights with typical customer data creates a unique perspective for the customer that leads to more second meetings jointly exploring how your solution can produce similar results for their company.

Facilitate Collaborative Conversations with Decision-Makers

In today’s customer driven environment, selling is about sharing knowledge and current trends in the customer’s industry. Customers want to learn from your reps what’s working and hear something new that may work at their company to positively impact revenue, cost and profitability results. A Value Proposition presented with an interactive, smart, digital calculator tool using actual data creates instant customer dialogue.

Increase Revenue with Consistent Messaging

A typical sales force of 200 sales reps selling a $250,000 solution, 160 “middle sales reps” deliver over 300-400 customer presentations weekly. Providing reps easy access to industry specific Value Propositions incorporating consistent messaging with the right content to the right audience at the right time, will conservatively create an additional 20 qualified pipeline opportunities monthly, creating $5 million of new qualified opportunities, and increase annual revenue by 15-20%.