Improve Value Capture and Sales Performance

LeveragePoint offers a software-as-a-service solution that aligns product, pricing, marketing, sales enablement and sales teams around creating, capturing, and communicating value. LeveragePoint allows these teams to collaborate internally around building a value-based strategy then publish a customer-facing, dynamic, value proposition that clearly communicates the value of their offering in the first customer meeting. Being easy to use and deploy, LeveragePoint has users becoming productive in a couple of hours, and an entire company can be setup within days without any corporate IT involvement.

Increases Revenue and Profitability

Grow your qualified sales pipeline, reduce sales cycles, and gain more competitive wins with LeveragePoint. The cloud-based value propositions are industry-specific, resulting in reps demonstrating industry knowledge and establishing credibility from the get-go with a prospect. A dynamic value proposition gives a rep confidence to talk in the customer’s language by addressing business issues, displaying typical financial benefits, and accessing relevant marketing content. Reps get to the bottom line fast, rather than spending time boring prospects with a long PowerPoint highlighting their company’s background and their offering’s features.

Easy to Implement and Use

LeveragePoint is purposely designed so that any businessperson can use it without any prior value experience. Hundreds of users have created their first value model within an hour, and sales reps can find the perfect marketing-approved value proposition in under 30 seconds using customizable filters. There is built-in learning and support that teaches you how to build value propositions step by step. Plus, our subscription plan includes live training. LeveragePoint’s cloud-based solution can be deployed within days. LeveragePoint’s customers become self-sufficient after the initial implementation.

More Scalable and User-friendly than Spreadsheets

LeveragePoint is a cloud-based collaborative platform, which allows it to be a central repository for value-based pricing data. It establishes a common, structured method and language that everyone in your organization can use when making value-based product, marketing, pricing and sales decisions. The LeveragePoint platform facilitates publication processes that can be aligned with legal and compliance requirements. In comparison, spreadsheets suffer several drawbacks. They tend to be individual creations that are not scalable or user-friendly, and often become outdated or lost.

Adaptable and Secure

LeveragePoint utilizes some of the most advanced technology for internet security available today. Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts the highly scalable platform with availability, dependability, and security. AWS and LeveragePoint services are built in accordance with security best practices providing end-to-end data security and confidentiality. Customer data is safe, secure and available only to registered users within the customer’s organization. Additionally, LeveragePoint is compatible with several platforms, including Salesforce.