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Faced with uncertainty, buyers naturally react by cutting costs. The best B2B companies are getting of the curve by focusing on the outcomes and the value they deliver to customers.  Overnight, virtual meetings have become the next normal, and sellers need to be able to convey their unique value – online.

LeveragePoint is a cloud solution that helps B2B business teams thrive in a remote world by aligning business teams around creating, capturing, and communicating value.  Our tool enables teams to collaborate internally around building a value-based strategy that can be transformed into dynamic value propositions that sales can use to clearly communicate the value of your offering from the very first sales call.

Being the first vendor to communicate value is one of the best ways to win business, and our customers have seen 5-15% higher close rates at 5-25% higher prices when using LeveragePoint Value Propositions. Fill out the form and see how we can help improve your business outcomes.

Ready to Dive In?


If you’d like to talk more about LeveragePoint’s Value Proposition tool, we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We will listen to your needs, and help you understand if the tool is right for you.


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