Focus Your Team on Customer Value

How does your product make money for your customer? A critical question where a team’s best answers usually end up in unfindable or unusable spreadsheets. LeveragePoint provides product teams with a simple framework to quantify customer value fast. Value Propositions in LeveragePoint make it possible for sales team members to find and adapt great content to the specifics of a customer. As a cloud platform, LeveragePoint makes the best work of others readily available online in repositories and libraries. The result is collaboration and teamwork.

Quickly Quantify Customer Value

The LeveragePoint framework helps product teams get to a strong Value Proposition fast. Starting with features, the platform prompts users to think about benefits and value. Data and formulae can be flexibly named and displayed with references and notes. Users find and reuse the best elements of other Value Propositions from repositories and libraries. Graphs appear automatically, supporting team discussions based on visuals. Flexible design of dynamic Value Proposition layout and graphs in LeveragePoint supports sales adoption.

Set Pricing Strategies for Product Success

Having quantified the customer value of a product or solution, commercial teams can move beyond cost-based or competition-based pricing to setting prices based on value. Quantified customer value often highlights profitable offering and positioning strategies by helping to identify market segments. With LeveragePoint, teams rapidly set a value-based pricing strategy that is aligned with benefits, messages and conversations that resonate with customers.

Understand the Customer's Business

Value Propositions provide powerful messages to position new and strategically important products. The key to execution is providing sales with the right information at the right time for the right audience. LeveragePoint helps deploy quantified value effectively in sales. Dynamic digital sales tools accelerate customer engagement, can be tailored to customer specifics and can help to choose the best solution. A Value Proposition agreed with customer sponsors supports them through their internal approval and procurement processes.