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3M is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer goods, adhesives, chemicals, and other advanced materials, and 3M™ Air and Vapor Barrier Solutions help their customers build smarter through membranes and tapes that protect better, last longer, and install more easily in the toughest conditions. Peter Golter, Business Development Manager at 3M, has close to a dozen years of experience selling 3M’s Specified Construction solutions.

A long-time advocate of Value Selling, he initially used a homegrown spreadsheet to convey cost savings in competitive selling scenarios. Seeking to improve this calculator into a customizable, visually compelling tool that communicated a wide array of customer value delivered, he turned to LeveragePoint to turn his “Model T into a Ferrari.”

In this case study, learn how LeveragePoint helped 3M improve their value communication efforts and boost win rates by transforming a homegrown ROI spreadsheet into powerful, interactive Value Stories for sales use.


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