5 Keys to Increasing Your B2B Qualified Sales Pipeline

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What would you say if I told you that only 19% of sales meetings that B2B executives take actually live up to their expectations? Would you be surprised?

Would you believe that 67% of the time sales reps are giving lengthy PowerPoint presentations about your products, and NOT about the customer’s business? Are you doing anything about it?

During 5 Keys to Increasing Your B2B Qualified Sales Pipeline you will learn how sales can simply increase the Qualified Sales Pipeline by:

  • Presenting early in the sales cycle the ROI and TCO for your customer
  • Showing a Digital Value Proposition with the customer’s business drivers addressing their most critical business needs
  • Accessing your most compelling industry content for the customer
  • Confidently presenting a competitively differentiated view of your offering
  • Winning the most critical “early-stage” sales meetings with prospects

Watch and you will see 5 keys to increase your revenue by adding more qualified sales opportunities to your pipeline.

Richard Orlando

Richard Orlando is President and CMO of LeveragePoint. Previously, he served as EVP, Sales & Marketing at Biscom, Inc. He has held multiple senior leadership positions at companies, such as Saztec International/Datamatics Ltd., CMGI, Data General and Wang Laboratories. His primary areas of expertise are in sales & marketing, operations, and Web 2.0 implementations to drive new business. Mr. Orlando holds a BA in Business Management from Northeastern University. Taylor Mecham is Director of Marketing at LeveragePoint. She has spent her young career moving up the ranks in LeveragePoint, starting as a Marketing Intern in college and moving to Marketing Program Manager as her first full-time role. Ms. Mecham holds a BS in Information Design and Corporate Communications, and a Minor in Marketing from Bentley University.

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