5 Myths of Selling Value to Professional Buyers

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Across many B2B industries, professional buyers continue to grow their influence and impact on buying decisions. This growing influence often means longer sales cycles, tough negotiations, and lots of frustrated salespeople. It doesn’t have to be this way. Many sales and marketing teams lack a clear understanding of professional buyers, the buyers’ playbook, and what value really means to the buyer.

In this webinar, viewers will learn:

  • 5 myths of selling value to procurement and the missteps many salespeople make
  • Understanding value through the eyes of procurement
  • The four faces of procurement and how to deal with each persona

Chris Provines

Chris Provines

Chris Provines is Founder and CEO of Value Vantage Partners, and is an accomplished executive, business advisor, and adjunct professor with broad global experience in Fortune 500 businesses. His experience includes vice president roles at Johnson & Johnson and Siemens in commercial excellence, strategic pricing, account management, global procurement, and business improvement. As an advisor, he helps businesses grow profits through smarter pricing and commercial execution. He is an author of three books. Chris has trained over 8,500 sales and marketing professionals in value-based pricing, selling value, and negotiating with 21st century procurement.

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