A 5-Minute Solution to Gain a Competitive Edge with Your Buyer

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The B2B enterprise buyer’s process has changed substantially since the emergence of web-based approaches for buyers to source technical, product, and vendor information without contacting a sales rep. The reality is, today’s B2B sales processes and tools have not kept pace with the buyer. According to Forrester Research, the first vendor to succeed in communicating a vision into a clear path to value to executives wins the business 74% of the time.

However, most B2B reps today are provided a corporate overview PowerPoint presentation that does not address the customer issues. Reps must establish credibility with buyers early in the sales process by demonstrating industry knowledge, identifying relevant pain points, and presenting examples of customer success using their offerings.

Attendees of A 5-Minute Solution to Gain a Competitive Edge with Your Buyer will see a typical customer example and learn:

  • How reps can be the first vendor to collaborate with buyers on a “vision” for success
  • How successful reps establish credibility in 5 minutes with senior B2B buyers
  • How presenting customer value early creates a major competitive advantage
  • How B2B sales reps increase their qualified sales opportunities by over 25%
  • How to reduce average discounts by 20-30%

PowerPoint is dead. Don’t let your pipeline go with it.

Richard Orlando

Richard Orlando is President and CMO of LeveragePoint. Previously, he served as EVP, Sales & Marketing at Biscom, Inc. He has held multiple senior leadership positions at companies, such as Saztec International/Datamatics Ltd., CMGI, Data General and Wang Laboratories. His primary areas of expertise are in sales & marketing, operations, and Web 2.0 implementations to drive new business. Mr. Orlando holds a BA in Business Management from Northeastern University. Taylor Mecham is Director of Marketing at LeveragePoint. She has spent her young career moving up the ranks in LeveragePoint, starting as a Marketing Intern in college and moving to Marketing Program Manager as her first full-time role. Ms. Mecham holds a BS in Information Design and Corporate Communications, and a Minor in Marketing from Bentley University.

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