Global Rollout of a Structured Value Pricing Approach – A Bayer CropScience Case Study

Join Ingo Hennecke, Global Pricing Manager at Bayer CropScience, in a webinar centered around Bayer CropScience’s global implementation of a structured Value Pricing approach. After a short introduction of Bayer CropScience you’ll learn:

  • How to create awareness of the impact of pricing
  • What value means to your customer
  • The 3 P’s we have to change
  • How to train our people in Value Pricing
  • How Value Pricing provides additional revenue (Country example)
  • Bayer CropScience conclusions

Don’t miss your opportunity to view a real-world Value Pricing approach, and understand how you can increase revenue while still sustaining and developing positive relationships with customers.

Ingo Hennecke

Ingo Hennecke

Ingo Hennecke has more than 28 years of working experience in leading sales and marketing functions in several countries, and he is now responsible for the price setting process and initiating global and local pricing excellence projects. Prior to his current position, Ingo was responsible for global customer management initiatives, heading the operational business in Austria and managing some of the company’s major brands. Ingo owns a CPP since 2012 and is a regular speaker and member in advisory boards of pricing conferences and summits.
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