Profit from Demonstrating Quantified Value: Drive Organizational Change to Realize Benefits of Being a Value Leader


Companies that take a value approach are 24% more profitable than their industry peers. On the other hand, companies that buy based on best value are 36% more profitable than companies that do not. In both cases your sales team needs to be comfortable not only with the technical conversation, but with the commercial negotiation of why you’re worth more than the alternatives.

In this webinar, Todd Snelgrove, former Global Vice President of Value at SKF, will provide an executive overview of his and Prof. Andreas Hinterhuber’s bestselling new book – Value First Then Price – Quantifying Value in Business to Business Markets from both a Buyer and Sellers Perspective. Todd’s webinar will focus on best in class examples of how to develop commercial engagements with the Economic Buyer to offer payment models based on value, and communicate why your value is more impactful than price concessions. Webinar attendees will also learn:

  1. How to quantify new product value
  2. How to engage procurement on value
  3. Performance-based contracting
  4. Best practices in value realization by successful enterprises


Todd Snelgrove

Todd Snelgrove

Todd Snelgrove is a global subject-matter expert (SME) in value buying and selling, with over 50 article references in key publications, such as, HBR and Forbes and key note presentations at over 100 external industry and customer conferences bringing new insights to the highest levels with customers, and challenging customers to choose based on best value, not lowest price. Todd is the Founding Partner at Experts in Value, a consultancy firm that helps companies drive the value strategy from ideation to financial realization, by making sure that value is created, calculated, communicated and priced for."
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