Overcoming Price Pressure: A 5-Step Process for Successful Sales Negotiations

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On a daily basis, B2B sales reps face price pressure in negotiations and conversations with their buyers. As a result, they frequently succumb to this pressure and over-discount, resulting in reduced profits. In order to improve pricing outcomes and profitability in both the short term and long run, sales reps must develop the confidence and ability to know when and how to overcome this price pressure.

In this webinar, Joanne Smith, President at Price to Profits Consulting, will explore a 5-step process for embedding pricing confidence in B2B sales teams. During the session, participants will learn:

  • Reasons why customers push back on price.
  • A 5-step process for overcoming price pressure.
  • How Value Pricing helps sales improve their leverage in negotiations and resist discounting.

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith is the President of Price to Profits Consulting, formerly the DuPont Corporate Head of Marketing and Pricing and the author of The Price Negotiation Playbook and The Price and Profit Playbook. She focuses on helping B2B companies transform their pricing performance. At DuPont, she was instrumental in creating the pricing organization, which transformed DuPont from weak to outstanding pricing performance. Check out her website at www.price2profits.com.

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