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Joanne Smith, President of Price to Profits Consulting and former Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing at DuPont, will share practical steps on how to build a value-driven culture at a B2B enterprise. Based on her professional experience at DuPont, she will describe the activities that leaders need to take to embed the passion, urgency and competencies in their organization to increase profitabilty.

Webinar viewers will learn:

  • How and why to develop a value-driven culture
  • The synergies between value pricing and customer loyalty/growth.
  • How to gain leadership, marketing and sales support
  • Which investments to make in data, systems and tools
  • How to develop value competencies across the enterprise

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith is the President of Price to Profits Consulting, formerly the DuPont Corporate Head of Marketing and Pricing and the author of The Price Negotiation Playbook and The Price and Profit Playbook. She focuses on helping B2B companies transform their pricing performance. At DuPont, she was instrumental in creating the pricing organization, which transformed DuPont from weak to outstanding pricing performance. Check out her website at

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