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5 Tips for Adding Value to Customer Conversations

As discussed in some of our latest blog posts, analytical spreadsheet authors often struggle with presenting value simply and clearly. It is imperative that the content and layout of Value Propositions be designed to support sales conversations with customer economic insights. Designing Value Propositions that are useful for sales not only improve sales effectiveness but also makes leverage possible. Below are some tips on how to most effectively communicate and deliver value in your upcoming Value Propositions.

  1. A good Value Proposition should be designed to get the customer to engage in a memorable conversation about how your product will create value for them. The greater the engagement you create with a specific, quantitative Value Proposition, the more likely it is that a customer will own your Value Proposition for themselves.  

  2. It is important that your numbers and business assumptions are useful for sales teams. Ensure that your content is organized in a way that supports both simple and in-depth conversations about your value drivers.  

  3. Simplifying your Value Proposition to 2-4 value drivers is recommended. You can do this either by focusing only on what is quantitatively or emotionally most significant, or by combining value drivers based on a common theme (i.e. “Cost Savings”).

  4. In materials supporting a conversation about delivering value, it is a good idea to create and refine strong messages that relate to each respective value driver. Ensure that your value messages and content are directly related to quantitative displays that aid discussion on how you deliver value. Having a close connection between qualitative and quantitative messages maximize the impact of your Value Proposition.

  5. To build trust in any sales conversation, sales teams need to be able to provide economic insights about how you deliver value. At a minimum, create a message for each value driver and a clear way to see how each answer is calculated. Offering this transparency is a good way to provide credibility, proof, and customer confidence.

Value Propositions are more than just math; they are a communication tool used by sales team in call preparation and customer conversations. Regularly refining your Value Propositions will result in continuing improvement in content, visuals, and usability. Your resulting iterations will become a strong basis for collaboration that can allow your sales teams to win. To view more tips on designing relevant value drivers to differentiate in customer conversations, click here.

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