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Change Your Story’s Perspective with the New “Views” Button

LeveragePoint Value Propositions tell stories designed so your customer can understand the value your product or service offers. After all, it can be hard to capture value in your price if your value isn’t clear.

However, depending on your audience and stage of the sales cycle, your story may need to vary. We have long allowed for multiple model views, but users often didn’t know where to go to take advantage of this capability. Given the ever increasing and innovative functionalities available for Value Propositions, we knew it was imperative that we create an environment where switching model views is easy and intuitive.

We’re proud to introduce the new “Views” button!

This new button will operate exactly the same as before, but instead of living under the “More” dropdown, it will be prominently featured across the header.

Simply click the “Views” button to open a dialogue where you can easily switch your value model view to match your audience.

By creating and utilizing multiple views of the same value model, a sales representative can continue to gather data over a long sales process that will provide fruitful when facing a decision maker. Each piece of information is stored in the underlying model even as they are collected in varying views and helps to create a truly unique value offering.

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