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Storytelling with Customized PowerPoints

As a sales rep, you know the importance of keeping your customer conversations fresh, interesting, and engaging. Getting a prospect into a meeting is one thing, but keeping them engaged throughout the sales cycle is another. Storytelling is a powerful way of communicating your value in every stage of the sales process.

LeveragePoint made storytelling a focal point of our latest tool release. You can now create the best story for your sales conversation with ease with our increased ability to customize tool-fed PowerPoint exports for any customer Value Proposition. Customers will experience:

  • Customizable PowerPoint layout and design
  • Dynamic, tailor-made charts using tool-fed data from your Value Proposition
  • Automatic removal of unchecked value drivers, comparisons, and table pages in slides

Embed and deliver more accurate content directly from your cloud-based Value Proposition into PowerPoint. This release provides flexibility of content delivery; present your data not only through your online Value Proposition, but your downloadable, leave-behind presentation as well. Sales reps now have a dynamic way to set up, present, and iterate their story to best fit and engage any prospect.

It’s a new year, so do something your sales organization hasn’t done before; put down your Excel spreadsheet and start using a more efficient way to deliver your data and content. To start building and exporting custom sales presentations from LeveragePoint, visit

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