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Create a Powerful Leave-behind in Seconds

With LeveragePoint’s PowerPoint export functionality, a unique leave-behind is just a click away.

In the tool, reps take prospects on a journey through your well-crafted Value Proposition, making prospect-specific adjustments throughout the meeting. At the end, they can hit one button to generate a PowerPoint version of that exact same Value Proposition – inclusive of any changes.

Share your Template

The setup is simple. To start, just send us your existing corporate PowerPoint template that you use to create both internal and external presentations. Sharing the template with us will allow us to create a branded PowerPoint export that is stored with your Value Proposition. This deck can contain whichever slides from your LeveragePoint Value Proposition that you see fit. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting so that everything you want to leave behind is included.

Export your Unique Value Proposition

When we finish creating the deck to your liking, we’ll connect it to the appropriate Value Proposition(s). At that point, you’ll be ready to start exporting the content from your Value Proposition to the PowerPoint deck. It’s that easy!

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