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As any large corporation knows, managing stakeholders on a project can be a difficult process that often becomes a time sink. LeveragePoint recognizes this pain point and has been working to add additional layers of flexibility to our platform in order to fit seamlessly into your organization. As of the latest release, users can now experience new functionality that supports a company review process for value modeling. Below are some additional highlights of our review process rollout:

Assign and notify reviewers. As a value model is created, you may have a number of different levels of approval required. With this new feature, you will be able to include multiple levels of accountability by assigning multiple value model reviewers by role.

Keep executives involved and collaborating. Some members of your team may not be involved in the day-to-day creation of your value models, but may need to be involved in the review process prior to publishing to the Value Proposition. You can streamline this process by adding anyone who has a LeveragePoint account, along with their role, to the review dialog.

Increased speed of review. Review processes and decision making take time and could easily slow down the speed of approval. With our new review process, once you assign your reviewers by role, you can then notify them by email. To increase the speed of approval, you can notify your reviewers one at a time, or all at once. The platform makes your life easier, providing you with increased flexibility to engage reviewers more efficiently.

This is only the beginning for this new review functionality on models. Stay tuned for more feature updates as we build on this foundation in the coming months. To start implementing LeveragePoint’s new review process in your daily activities, visit

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