Baby Boomer vs. Millennial: The Varying Perspectives on Digital Transformation

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With all the whispers of “digital transformation” this theme isn’t a big surprise. The digital age is here, and it’s not going anywhere. Brent Adamson, Principal Executive Advisor at CEB, says that it’s an “inescapable evolution.” 93%, 94%, and 83% of B2B buyers use digital channels in the early, middle, and late stages of their buying journey, respectively. This promotes a tough buying environment for sellers: bigger buying groups, overwhelmed buyers, “good enough” buying, and stalled deals. “Empowered” buyers are becoming overwhelmed buyers, with too much information and too many stakeholders, leading to stalled deals or no decision at all. An evolving response to the tough environment is marketing and sales investments in digital capabilities.

Join us for Baby Boomer vs. Millennial: The Varying Perspectives on Digital Transformation to learn:

  • How B2B Baby Boomers accelerated disrupting “status quo” for 30+ years
  • Historical trends of Sales Presentation Tools
  • 5 Baby Boomer practices facing rapid disruption by sales teams
  • How digitally-savvy Millennials are reducing “no decisions”
  • Live example of an Interactive Sales Presentation for today’s educated buyer


Richard Orlando is President and CMO of LeveragePoint. Previously, he served as EVP, Sales & Marketing at Biscom, Inc. He has held multiple senior leadership positions at companies, such as Saztec International/Datamatics Ltd., CMGI, Data General and Wang Laboratories. His primary areas of expertise are in sales & marketing, operations, and Web 2.0 implementations to drive new business. Mr. Orlando holds a BA in Business Management from Northeastern University. Taylor Mecham is Director of Marketing at LeveragePoint. She has spent her young career moving up the ranks in LeveragePoint, starting as a Marketing Intern in college and moving to Marketing Program Manager as her first full-time role. Ms. Mecham holds a BS in Information Design and Corporate Communications, and a Minor in Marketing from Bentley University.

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