Value Propositions in B2B Commercialization: Generating Value Selling Adoption

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Value Selling is the proven way for B2B enterprises to improve their commercial execution. By effectively communicating the superior customer value of their differentiated, complex offerings in financial terms, value-focused organizations experience better decision-making and improved profitability. However, to truly capitalize on the impact of value selling, commercial teams must develop the ability to quantify the economic impact of their technology and services, and successfully mobilize sales to communicate this value in customer and prospect conversations.

In this webinar, Ulisses Sperandio shares strategies and best practices for scaling value selling as an organizational discipline, drawing from over 35 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, Services and Manufacturing sectors.

Ulisses Sperandio

Ulisses Sperandio

Ulisses is the former Global Sales New Tech Trainer at Schlumberger, and President of US O&G Prime Consultancy, where he works with clients in the energy sector to implement value-based selling and negotiation skills. As President of the Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce, he is devoted to broadening BRATECC scope and industries beyond the E&P Oil & Gas businesses, increasing the volume of trade between Texas & Brazil. Previously, he spent 35 years at Schlumberger serving in multiple sales and marketing management roles. Ulisses is a firm believer in Value Based Technology that lowers risks and costs while increasing revenues.

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