Delivering Value Pricing Through B2B Sales Teams

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What’s in this whitepaper?

Customer’s don’t buy because they don’t – or won’t – understand your value. Download Delivering Value Pricing Through B2B Sales Teams and close the disconnect between pricing and sales in order to help customers understand your value.

While pricing teams establish what to charge for products, it is up to the sales teams to take the prices to the customer. All too often the disconnect between the two functions leads to a customer purchasing a product at a discount. To avoid this loss of revenue and decrease in margins, pricing and sales need to align using customer value.

Download this whitepaper, and get insights on:

  • The 7 challenges of value that hinder collaboration between pricing and sales
  • How to use the Value Triad to understand and communicate value
  • How to align pricing and sales using the 5 C’s of value

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