Developing a Value Mindset for Successful B2B Value Transformations

Format: Webinar

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Value and Pricing Transformations are often slowed down or impacted by the lack of mindset change across the organization. To make changes irreversible, the development of a value mindset across the organization is essential. Institutionalizing a growth mindset for value ensures assimilation of pricing and value practices as part of the deployment of new strategies and tactics. But what is a mindset and how do you change it? How do you operationalize best practices to create and develop a value mindset?

Successful B2B organizations can discover their differentiation of value, and use customer Value Propositions to motivate change. Viewers of Developing a Value Mindset for Successful B2B Value Transformations will learn:

  • Typical change barriers with value transformations
  • Key success factors in value transformations
  • What a mindset is and how to motivate people to positively adopt change
  • Best practices in changing the mindset for superior value
  • How accelerating a value mindset transformation increases revenue
  • Why CXOs prefer a value mindset from suppliers’ sales professionals


Stephan Liozu, Ph.D. is a Pricing Evangelist and thought-leader as well as the Founder of Value Innoruption Advisors. He specializes in the design of innovative and differentiated business strategies for B2B firms, and the implementation of value-based strategies. Stephan works closely with B2B organizations around the world and acts as a value coach for value transformations. As a Prosci® certified change manager, Stephan focuses on making sure all value strategies and tactics are fully adopted and embraced by organizational actors and on developing an organizational mindset for value.

Stephan’s acclaimed Customer Value Modeler (CVM®) certification program trains professionals in value modeling and dollarized value propositions and best practices. Dr. Liozu is the author of The Pricing Journey and Pricing and Human Capital. He also co-edited Pricing and The Sales Force, The ROI of Pricing, Innovation in Pricing, and A User’s Guide to Value Modeling, as well as numerous academic papers.

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