Elkem Silicon Products Achieves 4X Targeted Product Sales Using LeveragePoint

Elkem Silicon Products is one of the world’s leading providers of silicon-based advanced materials, supporting Fortune 500 companies in construction, transport, energy, and electronics worldwide. In the mid-2010’s, the global oil and gas industry was beset by rapidly falling prices due to a global oil glut. At the time, Elkem was launching a new intermediate offering used in drilling oil & gas wells, and having trouble generating sales. As a result, they implemented a value-based sales framework using LeveragePoint Value Propositions to improve sales outcomes.

In this case study, Ole Iacob Prebensen, Global Marketing Manager – Oilfield at Elkem, shares how Elkem quadrupled new product sales in their first year of selling value. Highlights include:

  • The importance of selling value in the wake of industry-wide disruption.
  • How LeveragePoint Value Propositions helped Elkem communicate quantified value, winning over key stakeholders across the value chain.
  • How a switch to Value Selling helped Elkem achieve 4x targeted product growth in their first year.
Ole Iacob Prebensen, Global Marketing Manager - Oilfield at Elkem

Ole Iacob Prebensen, Global Marketing Manager - Oilfield at Elkem

Ole Iacob Prebensen has over 20 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry. In his role as Global Marketing Manager at Elkem Silicon Materials, Ole Iacob plays a leading role in their value strategy, from quantification and segmentation to sales enablement. Before joining Elkem, he has served multiple in CEO and COO roles, was former Global Director of Marketing & Sales in a large oil-service company, and has accrued over a decade in public service.


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