The 7 Big Mistakes Many Businesses Make When “Selling on Value”

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Join Mike Wilkinson for his February webinar, where he discusses the results of his latest report and survey, The 7 Big Mistakes Many Businesses Make When “Selling on Value.”  The big challenge he finds is that most organizations just don’t understand value, so they discount! As a result, they run the risk of commoditizing their products and their business, reducing margins and profit along the way. This webinar details the 7 BIG mistakes and how to avoid them. By the way, the third mistake is one we’re probably all making right now…

Mike Wilkinson

Mike Wilkinson

Mike Wilkinson has over 25 years of world-wide training and consultancy experience, and was the 2013 Training Journal award winner for best sales programming. Mike is the co-author of The Challenge of Value and Value-Based Pricing (McGraw Hill 2012), and has written many articles on managing major sales and value. He is a Fellow at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, and a member of the Professional Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation. His focus at Axia Value Solutions is working with sales teams helping them to find new ways of understanding and communicating value so that money isn’t left on the table, and they are rewarded for the value they deliver.

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