Generate B2B Value Propositions for Sales Team Adoption

by | Jul 26, 2016

What’s in this webinar?

Value Propositions are a powerful tool for sales and presales teams to communicate customer value throughout the B2B sales cycle. They help sales early in the sales cycle to prepare for calls, to build sales confidence, to qualify opportunities and to engage customer executives. They help sales and presales work together as they highlight differentiation, focus on the customer not the product, design better customized solutions and collaborate with the customer to agree on a business case to buy. But generating Value Propositions that are adopted is an acquired skill that takes strong attention to sales and presales clarity and usefulness.

“The #1 barrier to Sales hitting quota is their ability to communicate value.” – SiriusDecision

Attendees of Generate B2B Value Propositions for Sales Team Adoption will learn:

  • How to quickly build Value Propositions that enable customer conversations
  • 5 questions to develop useful Value Propositions for sales and presales teams
  • How to validate Value Propositions
  • 6 proven keys to sales implementation and adoption
  • How good do the data have to be?

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