Increase Your Sales Velocity: The Case and the Evidence for Value Selling

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Sales velocity is the best single metric to assess, guide, and improve B2B sales performance. By providing a clear, simple way to organize the essential factors that will drive this year’s and next year’s revenue growth, it helps sales professionals and their leaders focus on achieving their goals. There are four levers that enter into the formula, each one of which increases sales velocity: 

  • Increase the Number of Qualified Opportunities 
  • Increase the Average Deal Value 
  • Increase the Win Rate 
  • Reduce the Length of Sales Cycles

Value Selling is the best way for B2B sales teams to impact all four levers of the sales velocity formula, and as a result, improve their overall execution and performance. In this white paper, we dig into the data and make the case for value selling based on the transformational impact it has on B2B sales outcomes, as measured by sales velocity.


Peyton Marshall, Ph.D. is CEO of LeveragePoint. Previously, he served as CFO and Acting CEO at PanacosPharmaceuticals, Inc., CFO of EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and as CFO of The Medicines Company through their initial public offering and commercial launch of Angiomax®. Previously, he was an investment banker in London at Union Bank of Switzerland, and at Goldman Sachs where he was head of European product development. He has served on the faculty in the Economics Department at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Marshall holds an AB in Economics from Davidson College, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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