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What’s in this webinar?

Product managers: the success of your new product launch depends on the quality of your value story. Communication failure is a leading cause for why new products miss their revenue target. What can you do to significantly improve the story and raise the chances of success? LeveragePoint has worked with hundreds of product teams to discover underlying value and then tell their stories in a compelling customer-friendly format. Join us for this webinar to learn best practices in writing a successful value story, such as:

  • Common traps to avoid when writing a value story
  • How to write a good value message
  • How much data do you really need
  • Choosing the right data chart

Ed Arnold

Ed Arnold

Ed Arnold is Vice President of Product for LeveragePoint Innovations. In his role, Ed manages customer relationships, provides training and coaching for new and exisiting customers, and provides strategic vision for the product based on his interactions with customers. He is a contributing author to the book, The ROI of Pricing. Previously, Ed held senior positions at Communispace, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants, and OmniTech Consulting Group. He holds an MBA in Marketing from New York University and MA and BA degrees in Political Science from Boston University.

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