Pricing Strategies: Managing Through Inflationary and Recessionary Times

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Tuesday, January 31st at 11 AM ET

As we enter 2023, B2B organizations worldwide face a cloudy economic outlook. The threat of a recession looms large, inflation is continuing at a high rate, and some industries are even experiencing lower demand. These unclear conditions are having a major impact on B2B pricing strategies for the coming year and beyond. How should pricing, product, and executive leaders navigate this uncertainty? Will continuing the strategies of 2022 translate into success in the coming year, or is a new approach appropriate? In this webinar, Joanne Smith, President of Price to Profits Consulting, will explore pricing strategies that both help sustain profitability and bolster the confidence of sales in defending value-based prices. During the session, we will explore:

  • Examples of common B2B pricing strategies from the past year, compared to those pursued by higher-performing organizations.
  • Ways to determine if your organization should consider raising prices again.
  • Strategies for executing price changes without hurting your long-term customer relationships or undermining your value-pricing principles.
Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith is the President of Price to Profits Consulting, formerly the DuPont Corporate Head of Marketing and Pricing and the author of The Price Negotiation Playbook and The Price and Profit Playbook. She focuses on helping B2B companies transform their pricing performance. At DuPont, she was instrumental in creating the pricing organization, which transformed DuPont from weak to outstanding pricing performance. Check out her website at

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