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Value Selling enables B2B companies to increase pipeline, grow average deal size, improve win rates, and reduce sales cycles.  Implementing a successful value selling program requires the creation of compelling value propositions, along with tools and training to support individual salespeople. Successful value selling programs are made possible by mobilizers – individuals driving adoption and best practices from within. Effective mobilizers become change agents, enlisting champions and supporting their colleagues as they continuously improve commercial performance.

How can individuals mobilize their cross-functional teams to achieve Value Selling success? In this webinar, Rick Cantril, Director of Value-Based Strategies at Fiserv, shares his experience initiating, dialing up, and maintaining Value Selling at scale. During the session, he will highlight key steps, case studies, as well as lessons and learnings from his experience helping to scale a program that improved win rates by 10% and decreased sales cycles by 50-75% across 1,500 teammates worldwide.

Rick Cantril

Rick Cantril

Rick Cantril is Director of Value-Based Strategies at Fiserv. He and his team infuse value analysis techniques and best practices into the Product, Sales, Marketing, and Finance functions and have grown their Value Selling program from a few dozen individuals to over 1,500 associates around the globe, making the program one of the largest cross-functional collaborations within Fiserv. To date, the program has driven more than $1.5 billion in revenue in over 1,300 relationship opportunities.

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