Overcome Risk Perceptions with Value Selling: Winning Strategies that Convey Customer Outcomes

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Leading B2B enterprises routinely adopt value-based strategies to boost sales outcomes and grow profitability for their differentiated solutions. However, many of these organizations fail to capture the full impact of their value-based pricing, causing these programs to run out of steam and management needing to start from scratch months and years later. Where is the disconnect? The message might be right, but the customers aren’t getting it!

To achieve sustained value selling success, B2B sales teams must be armed with the right content and undergo effective training on engaging with customers to build and deliver a compelling message, while overcoming concerns that impede or completely obstruct the sales cycle. In this webinar, Bernie Lawrence will share a proven framework that highlights your differentiation, dislodges stagnant opportunities stuck in the pipeline, promotes marketing and sales alignment around value delivered, and empowers sales managers to drive value selling adoption through the front lines.

Bernard Lawrence, CEO at Lawrence Associates

Bernard Lawrence, CEO at Lawrence Associates

Bernie Lawrence is a co-founder and CEO of Lawrence Associates LLC, helping global enterprises make wise decisions that improve their bottom line through their consulting and training services. Prior to Lawrence Associates, he served as Vice President of Consulting, Sales and Marketing, and as a Managing Director of Business Consulting with Immedient Corporation, Microsoft’s largest privately-held solutions provider. Prior to Immedient, he has served in leadership roles with Ernst & Young and MCI Corporation. He has a BS in Administration & Management Science and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA in Finance from C.W. Post University.

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