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In times of uncertainty, the best B2B companies focus on their current customers.  Customer Success is mission critical. Retaining and expanding customers provides the best chance of sustaining growth in a recession. Existing account managers and Customer Success professionals may be distracted by irrelevant metrics.

How can you pivot your existing account team’s approach to drive revenue growth? In this webinar, Peyton Marshall highlights the need to refocus Customer Success conversations on value delivered. Using this as a framework, he provides concrete examples of value propositions that are integral to managing existing relationships across industries and verticals. Implementation, quarterly business reviews, C-suite relationship meetings, and renewal/upsell presentations all work better when outcomes and value are central in customer conversations.

Peyton Marshall

Peyton Marshall

Peyton Marshall is CEO and Chairman of the Board of LeveragePoint where he works actively with successful B2B enterprises in implementing value selling. For 15 years he served in senior management roles in healthcare products and IT companies, having been CFO and Acting CEO of Panacos Pharmaceuticals, Inc., CFO of EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and CFO of The Medicines Company through their initial public offering and the commercial launch of Angiomax®. Before that, he was an investment banker for 12 years in London at Union Bank of Switzerland, and at Goldman Sachs where he was head of European product development. He has served on the faculty of the Economics Department at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Marshall holds an AB in Economics from Davidson College and a PhD in Economics from MIT.

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