Value Selling in Manufacturing: Best Practices for Realizing Your Profit Impact

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The manufacturing sector is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. In recent years, supply chains have become increasingly strained while procurement has become more powerful than ever. Meanwhile, emerging trends like smart factories, IoT, and an increased shift towards services and solutions are transforming the way industrial components, machinery, and high-tech products (such as medical devices) are sold and purchased. Sales, marketing, services, and pricing teams must find new and better ways to articulate, differentiate, price, and sell the value they deliver.

In this webinar, Todd Snelgove shares best actionable practices in measuring, presenting, calculating, and pricing value delivered. During the session, explores ways to create new pricing models and embed them within your commercial team so that buyers, from procurement, finance, and decision makers are able and willing to pay for your solution’s value.

Todd Snelgrove

Todd Snelgrove

Todd Snelgrove is a global subject-matter expert (SME) in value buying and selling, with over 50 article references in key publications, such as, HBR and Forbes and key note presentations at over 100 external industry and customer conferences bringing new insights to the highest levels with customers, and challenging customers to choose based on best value, not lowest price. Todd is the Founding Partner at Experts in Value, a consultancy firm that helps companies drive the value strategy from ideation to financial realization, by making sure that value is created, calculated, communicated and priced for."

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