Accelerating B2B Purchasing Decisions Through Outcome-Based Selling

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Thursday, June 13th at 11 AM ET (5 PM CEST)

Complex B2B buying journeys are rarely straightforward or linear. Without strong internal sponsorship from purchasing committees, salespeople risk seeing major opportunities stall or go away due to a lack of buyer urgency. Now more than ever, B2B marketing and sales teams must marshal their marketing and sales resources effectively. By crafting and delivering customer-specific messages that are strategically relevant, tactically urgent, and capable of rapid time-to-value, B2B commercial teams can establish clear differentiation and accelerate purchasing decisions.

In this webinar, Bob Apollo will share a proven framework for testing and verifying value in sales conversations throughout the buyer’s decision journey. During the session, he will explore the key principles of proactive targeting by connecting the right customers and roles with key business issues, industry trends, and trigger events that support a decision to invest.

Bob Apollo, Founder & Chief Outcomes Officer at Inflexion-Point

Bob Apollo, Founder & Chief Outcomes Officer at Inflexion-Point

Bob Apollo is a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales, a founding contributor to the International Journal of Sales Transformation, a member of the Sales Experts Channel, a recognized Sales Futurist, and the driving force behind Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, the leading B2B outcome-centric selling experts. Following a varied and successful career spanning start-ups, scale-ups and corporates Bob now works with B2B-focused CEOs and Sales Leaders, equipping and enabling their sales organisations to accelerate revenue growth and transform sales effectiveness by implementing the proven principles of outcome-centric selling.

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