Value Maps for Product Management: Understand Your Differentiation and Competitive Positioning

Format: Webinar

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Value Maps are a widely utilized tool in B2B and B2C Product Management strategy. They provide a simple framework that help teams understand their product’s differentiation and competitive positioning. Value Maps are applied in a number of ways in evaluating evolving market dynamics and pricing, identifying fruitful marketing campaigns and spotting opportunities for product innovation. They can also provide a useful starting point for value modeling and value proposition development.

Viewers of Value Maps for Product Management will learn:

  • How to build a Value Map
  • How good do the data have to be?
  • Best practices for improving the quality of Value Maps
  • Useful applications of Value Maps
  • Limitations and pitfalls of Value Maps
  • How to use Value Maps as a first step in developing Value Models and Value Propositions



Peyton Marshall is CEO and Chairman of the Board of LeveragePoint where he works actively with successful B2B enterprises in implementing value selling. For 15 years he served in senior management roles in healthcare products and IT companies, having been CFO and Acting CEO of Panacos Pharmaceuticals, Inc., CFO of EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and CFO of The Medicines Company through their initial public offering and the commercial launch of Angiomax®. Before that, he was an investment banker for 12 years in London at Union Bank of Switzerland, and at Goldman Sachs where he was head of European product development. He has served on the faculty of the Economics Department at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Marshall holds an AB in Economics from Davidson College and a PhD in Economics from MIT.

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