Six Steps to Optimal Innovation Pricing: Understand and Sell Customer Value

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Looking for practical tips on how to successfully value-price your innovative products and increase launch margin by at least double digits?

Large B2B companies frequently invest in years of research to build innovative, unique products and bring them to market. While the commercial success of a product launch is dictated by number of factors, the proven financial impact of value pricing is too often left on the table. Compared to a conventional pricing approach, a well-designed value pricing strategy can increase cumulative launch margins by double digits. How can organizations elevate the role of Value Pricing and Value Selling to help achieve successful and profitable product launches?

In this webinar, Nimit Mehta, Associate Partner at Bain & Company, shares a pragmatic 6-step approach for arriving at an effective Value Pricing strategy for innovation. Drawing from over a decade of practical experience at Bain & Co, BASF, Boston Scientific, and Deloitte, he will discuss what successful organizations do better to overcome the hurdles of implementing Value Pricing.

Nimit Mehta

Nimit Mehta

Nimit Mehta is an Associate Partner and a Pricing Expert in Bain’s Customer Strategy practices based in New York. Nimit has been advising, implementing, coaching, and learning B2B pricing for 15+ years across multiple industries like Chemicals & Industrials, MedTech, Distribution, Biopharma, and Technology. Before joining Bain, Nimit served as head of marketing for BASF. He led successful innovation launches, customer growth strategies, and portfolio pricing. He also led a pricing Center of Excellence (CoE) to increase pricing maturity across multiple business units. Nimit also led a pricing strategy role for a medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific. While working with B2B clients and corporate roles, he has successfully advised and implemented Value Pricing for innovative launches and existing portfolios.

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